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Acne Prone Skin And Tips

Acne Prone Skin And Tips

my skin is oily and can break down easily if i use the wrong product or the wrong makeup.
i also tried many products like creams, cleaners, masks..........
but the only product i felt happy with and felt a big different in my skin 
is The Avène Products.♥♥♥
Avène is the number one skin care brand in French pharmacies and number two across Europe.
and these are the ones i use 
First: Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser

A daily cleansing gel to help purify and regulate oily acne prone skin.


  • Purifies the skin without drying it out
  • Helps regulate sebum secretion
  • Can be used under non irritant anti-acne drug treatments
  • Paraben and soap free
  • Economical: very little product required

How to use

Use morning and night. Apply in circular motion and rinse with water. Follow with fine mist of Thermal Spring Water and apply Cleanance K/ Cleanance Anti-Shine Lotion 
(i use it in the morning and at night before i sleep and sometimes before using makeup)

Second: Cleanance K


A daily moisturiser formulated for oily prone to acne, blackheads and blemishes.


  • Reduces appearance of blackheads
  • AHA and BHA’s help unclogs blocked pores
  • Absorbs excess sebum
  • Moisturisers as well, no need for an additional moisturiser
  • Oil-free formulation

How to use

Use morning or night. Apply all over the face instead of your usual moisturiser after thoroughly cleansing with Cleanance Gel Cleanser and spraying a fine mist of Avene Thermal Spring Water .
Note: As the product is exfoliating, avoid the eye and lip areas.
People who have not used an AHA before MAY feel a ‘tingly’ sensation on their skin
( after washing my face with the gel  i use it in the infected spot...(not all my face:p)
before i sleep to give my skin the time to heal )


these product you can find them only in pharmacies
but i always buy them from chemist warehouse because it is a lot cheaper there.
this is the link
and they have many other products for all types of skins 
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    Avene Cream for intolerant skin, 1.35-Ounce PackageAvene Cleanance Soap-less Gel Cleanser 6.76 fl oz (200 ml)Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser for Sensitive and Irritated Skin, Fragrance-Free 200 ml PackageAvene Thermal Spring water spray 300 ml, 10.58-Ounce Package

Some Tips For healthier skin

Dont use towels to dry ur face after washing it 
cuz u dont know if this towel is clean or not? or who use it before u ?
so always use clean tissues 
Dont eat chocolates or hot chocolates too much
cuz it helps the pimples to grow :(
and try to eat healthy :)
Dont use  bad makeup always choose the good ones 
and always check the expire date
protect ur skin from the sun 
cuz it will damage ur skin
Dont use other people stuff (like makeup or makeup brushs)
and DONT ply with the zits.....please
cuz it will leave a mark in ur face :( 
thats all hope u all like it and tell me what u think :)